New Partnership Announced

Who would think a rugby club and a sports medicine facility would go together. It couldn’t be a better match. The Grand Rapids Gazelles Rugby Football Club is proud to announce their new partnership with OAM Metro Sports Medicine. The latest merger between the Orthopedic Associates of Michigan and Metro Health Sports Medicine has decided to get behind the newest Olympic sport of rugby. They created Grand Rapids top team of physicians, surgeons, physical therapists and athletic trainers. Have a creaky knee? Want to improve your golf swing? Both are prime reasons to visit the wonderful people of OAM Metro. With this latest partnership, it will be fall upon them to keep the “Orange Crush” of the Gazelles in top crushing shape. No time to ride the bench with an ankle injury on the way to a National Championship. My favorite part, they also do massage. Schedule one now at or call (616) 252-7778

Read the partnership press release at OAM Metro website


New registration website is up for the 7s tournament at The 25th Annual Rock Hard Rugby 7s Tournament is the biggest tournament in Michigan and will again be at Riverside Park in Grand Rapids, MI. Sign up before June 15 for a $100 discount. Divisions include Men’s Midwest Qualifier, Men’s Open, Women’s Open, and U19.




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