2022 Fall D2 Schedule

 Schedule (subject to change)

08/27 – @ Lions

09/03 – OFF

09/10 – @ Blaze

09/17 – Condors*

09/24 – @ Fort Wayne*

10/01 – Lions

10/08 – OFF

10/15 – Fort Wayne*

10/22 – @ Condors

10/29 – Blaze

11/05 – Mid-West Semi-Final

11/12 – Mid-West Final

Grand Rapids Rugby Football Club Policy



The selection policies of this club are based on the idea that rugby is the greatest team game, punctuated by extraordinary individual performances. Development of personal skills are paramount; glorification of individual performance is not. Players attending training/practice should do so to improve the team first, themselves secondarily, always honoring those who wore the jersey before them.


If one tires in a match, not only does physical performance decline (and potential for injury increase) but concentration also wanes. We must strive to make the best use of our physical skills in order make better decisions throughout the game. Your pride and commitment to your own physical development will positively affect how the entire team advances and improves.


Anticipation of all teammate’s “in game” decisions, developing crisp set-piece performance, understanding the language and terminology used during play, and avoiding repeated mistakes, are the goals we hope to achieve with consistent team training. Win or lose players are expected to participate in scheduled game reviews following all competitions. We take the field together and the lessons learned build who we are as a club, team and individual players.


You must be above building a hatred or animosity for the opposition. Dirty play is something that a poor player resorts to in order to hide either lack of skill, lack of fitness, or both; such a player will not be tolerated in this club.

1. Positivity is key, bring solutions, resist conflict
2. Speaking ill of teammates will not be tolerated
3. Actions speak louder than words

We ask that you make as much of a commitment as you feel possible. Individuals who attend training/practice will play on game days, with the most committed players earning spots on the starting 15, in an effort to build the club. We understand the demands on a person’s time but hope you will be willing to make some sacrifices for your teammates, as they are making sacrifices for you. Commitment is to the club and to your teammates. It is shown through attendance at training/practice and other club events. It is shown on the field as well as off the field. If you are unable to attend training/practice or miss a match, it is your responsibility to notify the coaching staff.

Final decision for who will play on the first side will be made by the coach using the following considerations in decreasing importance:

1. Current with all Player Requirements (Dues, CIPP, GR Player Registration)
2. Attendance at practice THE WEEK OF THE GAME
3. Attendance at practice throughout the current season

It is the responsibility of each and every club member to hold each other as well as the leadership accountable to select players using these guidelines. If a discrepancy were to arise, the concern must be raised after the game has been played and discussed with the coaching staff. At that time, the coaches and leadership will be expected to explain the rationale for their selection.

GR Rugby 15s Coaching Staff
Head Coach Andrew MacKenzie
Assistant Coaches Douglas Powers
Scott MacDonald
Shane Landrith

GR Rugby Leadership
Director of Rugby – Shawn Gent
Director of Operation – David Meyers
President – Mike Marshall

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